Hi!!!!!!!!!!!! This is Ivanly912 speaking! Feel free to call me Ivanly ^^ igo yoroshiku ne? Yes, if you don't know because you just met me or something I'm a HUGE Shion fan xDDDDDD

Whoops! Sorry! This thread isn't about my introduction xDDDDD Anyways, as you may or may not know, we have decided that we will add PriPara OC characters (e.g. Laala, Mirei etc) to this place! Yes! You can choose your favorite PriPara OC and roleplay with them! BUT! There are a few rules ^^

1. You must choose a character which hasn't been taken by someone else already. It will be very weird if we see two Laala's or two Shion's in one academy xDDDD

2. The above rule doesn't mean you can't TRY roleplaying with a character. If you would like to borrow that oc for RP for one episode (maybe more the admins will decide that xDDDDD) you can ask the owner ^^

3. You may NOT use an OC character without permission ^^ That probably goes without saying xDDD

4. The above rule applies to everyone, including admins (Actually there's only 3 of us active right now xDDDDD)

Anyways, I'm gonna list the PP characters. If you would like to use one of them please write a reply down below about which chara you would like to use ^^

P.S. I don't make all the decisions but if everyone here is taken and there are a lot more users we might include Pretty Rhythm charas IDK yet

BTW, message to MidnightManacchi I put a question mark there coz I saw your thread with Maya-chan (StalkIvanly here xDDDDDD) and you said you wanna try ^^ Comment down here and I'll remove the question mark

Ivanly912 Tenshi-chan desu~ (talk) 23:56, January 13, 2016 (UTC)