Alicia Visconti
Kanji アリシア・ヴィスコンティ
Romaji Arishia Visukonti
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Cyan
FamilyMayu (adoptive daughter)
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Voice ActressKikuko Inoue

Alicia Visconti is one of the minor characters of the series. She is the adoptive mother of Mayu and a well respected scientist. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Alicia has waist-length blonde hair which is usually kept in a high ponytail. She has dark cyan eyes and wear red lipstick. She is usually seen wearing a white lab coat over a red top.


Alicia is very friendly and can come off as hyper, but can be serious at times. She cares a lot for Mayu, even though Mayu does not show her feelings in return.



Alicia was called to investigate a building fire which had broke out in Parajuku. After investigating a few rooms she found a severely burnt girl lying in the burning apartment, but she was still alive. Alicia called for help and the girl was taken to hospital in critical condition. Surgery was performed but all of them failed, leaving them one choice.

Cybernetic operations

Alicia took the girl to her lab and fitted her with cybernetic parts. Alicia became her adoptive mother and the girl became known as Mayu Visconti due to memory loss. She enrolled into Paprika Private Academy and learnt to use firearms. Though the two often disagreed with each other, Alicia cared for Mayu as she had replaced half of her body with cybernetic parts.


Mayu - Her adoptive daughter. Alicia fitted Mayu with her cybernetic parts to ensure that she lived. Though Mayu does not show it, she does care about Alicia and is grateful to her.


Alicia: Alicia is the Latinised form of Alice, meaning nobility.

Visconti: Visconti was the surname of two important Italian noble dynasties of the Middle Ages.