Allee Gemspring
Kanji アリィ ジェムスプリング
Romaji Arii Jemusupuringu
Personal Info
BirthdayJune 29
Blood TypeA-
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlue
FamilyKelsey Gemspring (mother)
Home PlaceYlisse
Idol Info
Voice ActressSuzuko Hara
"I am happy, I can see Papa Haylo today! I love him way more than anything else!" - Allee

Allee Gemspring is a supporting character in the series. She is a five-year-old girl with a big mind. She is the daughter of Kelsey Gemspring. This character is RPed with GanbareHannahChan.


Allee takes the appearance of an average girl her age. She has long, brown hair tied into pigtails, and has blue eyes. She has freckles.

In the PriPara world, she is mostly seen with her school outfit on, but is also seen wearing a pink T-shirt with a blue skirt.


Allee has the personality of most children. Always cheerful, extremely optimistic, has a big imagination, however she tends to get moody and ends up crying when something goes wrong.

For an unknown reason, Allee adores older men. Poor Kelsey doesn't know why, but whenever they're out in public, whenever Allee sees an adult of the opposite gender, whether with kids or not, she always wants to go see them, even when Kelsey says no. Because of this, she really loves Haylo, and always wants to visit him.

Out of respect, she refers to Haylo as "Papa Haylo".

She is the best at coloring. Her birthday is June 29.


Kelsey Gemspring - her mother.

Haylo Summerhaven - the one she loves the best.


  • She is the youngest character created by GanbareHannahChan.