Chiri Tsukikawa
Kanji 月川 ちり
Romaji Tsukikawa Chiri
Personal Info
Hair ColorPale Brown
Eye ColorLight Purple
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressNichika Omori

Chiri Tsukikawa is one of the original supporting characters of the series. She is a big fan of Laala Manaka. She is a Lovely-type idol. Her brand is Twinkle Ribbon.


Chiri is a young girl who appears to be shorter than Laala. She has light purple eyes and pale brown hair, which is tied in short straight pigtails. She wears a pale pink school uniform outside PriPara, which has sleeves that are long for her, reaching up to her hands.


Chiri is a shy young girl and she seems to be very interested in idols.


Laala Manaka - She is a big fan of Laala.

Significant Coords


  • She is the fourth character to have Twinkle Ribbon as her preferred brand.
  • Although her assigned brand is Twinkle Ribbon, her PriPara casual coord is from the brand Marionette Mu.

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