Dappled Sunlight Night Sky Coord (木漏れ日夜空 Komorebi Yozora) is an Elegant-type coord from the brand Forest Beauty. It is a PriPara Rare coord. It is worn by Yozora Shizumori as her casual coord. It first appears in Episode 34.




A split kimono top that is a pale mint green with a dark green gradient fading in from the top. A separate yellow-orange gradient fades out at the bottom. The collar is lined with two pieces of fabric each a shade of green with small white patterns and white ruffles underneath. A white star-like pattern runs down the right side of the collar. A maroon bow choker is also present. The sleeves are different gradients starting with green, going through cyan and blue before ending in dark purple. The ends of the sleeves have starry patterns as well as white ruffles. Underneath the sleeves are smaller grey sleeves with maroon bows. Lining the top are strips of white and pale blue ruffles. Around the waist is a black section with a white strip with grey diamond patterns on it. The diamond patterns have small white sparkles on them. All tie into a lavender bow on the back with alternating star and sparkle patterns on them, held by maroon string and a maroon string bow with a gold crescent moon clip. On top of this is a blue and navy bow with white sparkle designs as well as a large white star. The bottom half of the top is lined with large white stars and smaller stars around it.


A three-layer pleat skirt that is pale green, green and orange which fades into a yellow gradient with faint white patterns. On the left side is black star-patterned material with another piece of grey material lining the bottom. In the center is a yellow, orange and salmon gradient piece of cloth. On it is a large red sun design with white sparkle patterns on the bottom.


Dark brown platform-style traditional sandals. The straps are maroon. Comes with thigh-length white Chinese sock-style stockings with maroon bows tied around the top.

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