Dorothy West
Kanji ドロシー・ウェスト
Romaji Doroshī Uesuto
Personal Info
BirthdayFebruary 5th
Hair ColorSky blue
Eye ColorSky blue
FamilyLeona West - twin brother
Home PlaceParajuku


Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Twin Mirror♥Compact (Leona duet)
Favorite Brand(s)Fortune Party
Idol TypePop
Voice ActressAzuki Shibuya

Dorothy West is one of the original characters of the series. She is an 8th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is a Pop-type idol. Her brand is Fortune Party. Her catchphrase is "Tension Max!" (テンションマックス! Tenshon Makkusu! ). This character is RPed with Ivanly912.


Dorothy has short sky blue hair tied up in a braid to her right and sky blue eyes. She is usually seen wearing Pop-type clothing.


Dorothy has a very bright and cheerful personality. She is very energetic and uses her "Max Beam" to get her way. Although she doesn't act that way, she cares a lot about her friends and would hate for anything to happen to them, especially her brother Leona.

Significant Coords

Casual: Dream Fortune Party D Cyalume Coord

Cyalume: Fresh Dressing Pafé D Team Cyalume Coord


Usagi - Dorothy's manager in PriPara.

Shion Todo - One of her teammates in Dressing Pafé. They fight a lot because of their clashing personalities but still trust each other as friends.

Leona West - One of her teammates in Dressing Pafé as well as her twin brother. He breaks up fights between Dorothy and Shion, and is very close to Dorothy.


  • She is the tenth Kami Idol in the series.
  • She and Leona West are the first main characters to share a brand.
  • She and Leona are the first characters to be twins.
  • She has called Leona her younger brother, meaning she is the older twin. However, this has not been officially confirmed.
  • Her birthday falls on Twins Day.
  • She shares her birthday with Leona, due to the fact that they are twins.
    • This makes them the 2nd pair of idols to share a birthday. They are followed by Laala Manaka and Nao.