Dream Galaxy Ribbon Cyalume Coord (ドリームギャラクシーリボンサイリウム Dorīmu gyarakushī ribon sairiumu) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Galaxy Ribbon. It is worn by Mizuki Hoshizora as her casual coord in PriPara. It was first shown in Episode 2.


Mizuki Hoshizora — Episode 2 - present (Casual)



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  • This coord is an recolor of the Dream Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord worn by Laala Manaka.
  • In the early versions of this coord, the accessory was a tiara. It was changed to a ribbon later on when Mizuki changed her hairstyle in PriPara.
    • According to the designer, this coord was supposed to have the ribbon, but a special exception was made for Mizuki, who had her hair down and would look weird with a ribbon.
  • One mistake was made in Mizuki's visual when she was first shown with her hair up. The artist forgot to add the wing designs to the ribbons, which confused a lot of fans.

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