Kanji Duck-E
Romaji Duck-E
Personal Info
Hair ColorYellow (feathers)
Eye ColorBlack
OccupationPriPara Mascot


Idol Info
Voice ActressKokido Shiho

Duck-E is a PriPara mascot and Rikka's manager. He is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Duck-E is a small yellow duck with large black eyes. He has a stray feather that stands atop his head. He has a small orange beak and large orange feet. He has a small feather tail and yellow wings. He also wears a small grey top hat on the right side of his head.


Duck-E is somewhat of a perfectionist. He worries over the smallest of details frequently, such as the exact shade of red to use for an outfit. He also tends to blurt out things that Rikka wants to keep secret, causing the two to have a love/hate relationship with each other. Despite this he is also loyal and determined. He is set on making Rikka a top designer and idol. He usually greets people with a tip of his top hat. He ends his sentences with "~daki".

A running gag is that Rikka will whack him away to shut him up.


Rikka Kagamiboshi - He is Rikka's manager in PriPara. They often bicker about minor details but otherwise get on well.

Toriko - He has met Toriko by the lake many times when she comes to moan about her misfortune.


  • He is the first mascot to have his name in English instead of Katakana.
  • He is the second mascot to be a bird, the first being Toriko.
  • He shares his voice actor with Aroma from Go! Princess PreCure.
    • Coincidentally, both are bird-like mascots.
  • His name and verbal tic are a play on the word "ducky".
    • His name was also inspired by WALL-E.
  • He is the second mascot to wear a top hat, preceded by Ham.

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