Forest Beauty Cyalume Coord (フォレストビューティサイリウム Foresuto Byūti Sairiumu) is an Elegant-type coord from the brand Forest Beauty. It is a Cyalume Rare coord. It is worn by Yozora Shizumori whenever she performs a Cyalume Change or Cyalume Airy. It first appears in episode 34.


Yozora Shizumori - Episode 34 (Cyalume Change)



A kimono-style dress that is mainly pale mint. An orange-yellow gradient fades in from the top of the dress with a layer of white underneath the collar. Various white sparkle designs line the top of the collar and dress. Two small cherry blossoms are printed on the left collar overlapping the right. A light cyan obi belt is tied in the middle of the dress, underneath the chest. Various sparkle designs are features. A small cherry blossom clip is held in place by a deep maroon string. A crescent moon and ruby charm come off the cherry blossom on silver chains. Underneath the obi is a smaller piece of deep Violet fabric. The sleeves are traditional kimono sleeves, reaching the lower legs. A darker green gradient fades out at the bottom of the sleeves. Various moon, cherry blossom and star designs are featured on the sleeves. A silver bracelet with a ruby clasp and gold moon charm is included for the left wrist. The bottom half is a split, pale mint skirt that reaches the ankles. The bottom fades into a green gradient with bamboo designs on the left side. The bamboo features small sparkling patterns and a faint yellow gradient fades over the bamboo, emulating dappled sunlight. Other sparkle patterns line the edges of the skirt. Underneath the long skirt is a shorter yellow-orange skirt with sparkle patterns and white frills.


Traditional style geta clogs with deep maroon straps. Thigh-length traditional white socks are included, with small cherry blossom clips attached by deep maroon strings to the top.


A large cherry blossom clip with a gold crescent moon charm attached by a silver chain. Cherry blossom and crescent moon clips of various sizes are also included. A cherry blossom hair tie is tied on the bottom of the hair.

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