Hibiki Shikyoin
Kanji 紫京院ひびき
Romaji Shikyōin Hibiki
Personal Info
BirthdayMarch 27
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorLime Green
FamilyAndou - butler
Home PlaceParajuku
Paprika Private Academy Principal
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Pure・Amore・Love
Favorite Brand(s)Brilliant Prince
Idol TypeCeleb
Voice ActressMitsuki Saiga

Hibiki Shikyoin is one of the original characters of the series. She is a Celeb-type idol. Her Brand is Brilliant Prince. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi and Ivanly912


Young hibiki 2

Hibiki as a child.

Hibiki has sharp, lime-green eyes and short, silver hair worn in a boy's cut that frames her face. The bangs are long spikes that slope to her left. She has one stray strand that slopes to her right.

It is revealed that Hibiki had long hair with curls on the sides of her head when she was a child. She also wore a frilly white, pink and lavender dress.


Hibiki is quite manipulative. She seems to be fixated on finding the "Best Princess" for her Dream Team. Her goal is to renew PriPara as a place only for the best idols such as Divine Idols, instead of a place with fun and friendship. She doesn't seem to care about anyone who might be hurt in the process. This gives her an antagonist-like feel.

She eventually comes up with a way to gather the Dream Parade Coords for herself: through stealing. She develops an alter ego known as Kaitou Genius (怪盗ジーニアス Kaitō Jīniasu lit. Phantom Thief Genius) to come to PriPara and steal those Coord's without revealing her identity. She also has her butler Andou hack into the PriPara system to create her an alternative exit from PriPara so she could leave without anyone noticing.

It is later revealed that Hibiki lived in a mansion in France as a child. She had many friends who would come and have sweets with her in her garden, as well as watch Saints perform and pretend to play PriPara. This changed when her parents are apparently lost at sea and she is thrown in debt. She is left by everyone including her staff and friends. However, her parents call back to say that they are fine, and everyone returns to her. This is too late as Hibiki has seen what others thought of her as and shuns everyone away. Ajimi tries to befriend her but fails, and Hibiki runs away. She takes up a new disguise and cuts her hair so she cannot be recognised. This leads to the present day, where Hibiki despises friendship and the world outside of PriPara. She has said that the reason she wants to win the Dream Parade is so that she can wish to become a Vocal Doll in order to forget the outside world.

After the Spring Dream Idol Grand Prix she realises that she had wanted friends all along. She makes up with the rest of the cast and is now more friendlier than before.

Significant Coords

Casual: Military Look Coord

Cyalume: Brilliant Prince Cyalume Coord


Falulu Bokerdole - She seems to have a friendly relationship with, and they have grown to be very close to the point where Falulu calls her "Mahou-chan" because of her alter ego, Kaitou Genius, much to her dismay.

Fuwari Midorikaze - She invited Fuwari to Parajuku's PriPara in order to use her as a possible princess candidate for her Dream Team. This however failed when Fuwari went against Hibiki's wishes and joined Dressing Flower. Hibiki no longer cares about Fuwari and is the reason Fuwari returned to the Palps. Hibiki makes up with Fuwari, revealing that she chose Fuwari because she reminded Hibiki of her younger self and because she has wanted friends all along. They both return to EuroPara at the end of season two.

Laala Manaka - Hibiki regards Laala as her enemy as Laala's visions of what PriPara should be goes against her own. While Laala believes that PriPara is a place where anyone can go and that "Everyone's friends! Everyone's idols", Hibiki believes that PriPara is only a place for the best and that not anyone can become an idol. It is revealed that it is because Hibiki was abandoned by her "friends" in the past, resulting in her hate of friendship.

Ajimi Kiki - It is shown that Hibiki despises Ajimi, though for unknown reasons. It is revealed that it is because Ajimi used to annoy Hibiki while stealing fruit from Hibiki's mansion in France when they were younger. Ajimi tried to befriend Hibiki after she was abandoned by her 'friends" when they were younger, but instead scared Hibiki by chasing her around the world. Hibiki is still scared of her in the present day. Ajimi is also the reason why Hibiki dislikes idols who have a verbal tic like Mirei, as Ajimi also has one. They make up when Ajimi jumps in a black hole with Hibiki and Fuwari inside, revealing that she had been following Hibiki because they were friends.

Andou - Her butler. He is very loyal to Hibiki and follows her orders without question. He is later fired by Hibiki for telling Laala and friends about Hibiki's wish to become a Vocal Doll. He is later re-hired after Hibiki reconciles with the rest of the idols.

Iona Kawamichi - She and Iona met when Iona temporarily lived in Paris as a child while still using her real name Hisako. After many years Hibiki approaches Iona again, asking her to join CelePara Opera Company. Iona refuses. Hibiki is ones othe few people who know of Iona's true identity as Hisako Fujimura, the missing heiress to the Fujimura Company. Iona is now like a source of intelligence for Hibiki, due to the fact that Hibiki could reveal Iona's secret. They don't consider each other as friends.

Hikari Todo - While Hibiki was looking for the 5th member of her team, she saw Hikari walking home with Shion, but didn't pay much attention to her. After Mikan left Hibiki's team, Hibiki investigated and found out she was Shion's sister. Thinking she had potential, Hibiki scouted Hikari, who joined her team. She left a few days later and Leona replaced her for the Spring Grand Prix. She made up with Hikari as well as the other idols after getting rescued by FriendAll and are now good friends.


  • She is the fifteenth Kami Idol in the series.
  • She is the first main idol without a manager.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that all mascots tend to have a verbal tic, which Hibiki hates.
  • It is revealed that Hibiki used to live in a mansion in Persailles, a play on the actual French city of Versailles.
  • She is the first main character to be in high school, followed by Iona Kawamichi.
    • She is however older than Iona by roughly three months.
  • She is currently the acting principal of Paprika Private Academy.
    • Gloria Okanda resumes her role as principal after Hibiki leaves for EuroPara.
  • She is the second idol with mistaken gender, the first being Leona.
  • She is the first Celeb-type idol in the series, followed by Serena Yoshida and Iona Kawamichi.She shares her name with Hibiki Toudou from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream and Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, PriPara's predecessor and sister series.
  • Hibiki has a Cyalume Airy exclusive to her called the Platinum Airy. However, it appears to only be exclusive to her in the game, as Falulu did it in the anime.
    • She is the first character to have an Airy exclusive to herself, followed by Madeleine Bokerdole.
  • She is the 3rd main character to have her birthday celebrated in the anime. She is preceded by Aroma Kurosu and Laala Manaka.
    • However, unlike Aroma's birthday episode, Laala's and Hibiki's aired later than their actual birthdays.
  • It has not been confirmed if Hibiki and Fuwari are a canon couple, though it was hinted at at the end of the second season.