Hisoka Fujimura
Kanji 藤村密花
Romaji Fujimura Hisoka
Personal Info
BirthdayOctober 24
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorAmethyst
FamilyTakahiro Fujimura - father
Fumiko Fujimura - mother
Iona Kawamichi - older sister
Hitomi Fujimura - older sister
Hiroko Fujimura - older sister
Home PlaceTokyo
Idol Info
Voice ActressHaruka Yoshimura

Hisoka Fujimura is one of the minor characters of the series. She is the younger sister of Iona Kawamichi, Hiroko Fujimura and Hitomi Fujimura.


Hisoka has shoulder-length grey hair and amethyst eyes. Her hair parts to the left and is longer on the left side. Her bangs are held by a pale purple clip. She wears a light lavender dress with puffy sleeves and white frills. Her collar is a frilly white material with a silver pin holding a white and gold necktie to it. She wears black shoes.


Hisoka is very bubbly and carefree. She is kind to everyone and likes to talk to other people. She can also be a crybaby at times, but will start smiling again very quickly. She loves watching idols perform such as SoLaMi♡SMILE. She is not aware that Iona Kawamichi is actually her missing sister, Hisako Fujimura.


Iona Kawamichi - Her older sister. They were not very close when they were young due to being seven years apart, although Iona still cared for her just as any sister would. She often watches Iona's PriPara concerts on TV, though she is unaware that Iona is actually her sister, Hisako Fujimura.

Hiroko Fujimura - Her older sister. They often bicker with each other but still get along well. Hiroko often teases her for being a crybaby causing Hisoka to become mad at her, but they make up again shortly after. They are two years apart.

Hitomi Fujimura - Her older sister. They have a friendly relationship with each other and rarely fight. They are five years apart.


Fujimura: Fujimura can be split into two parts. Fuji (藤) meaning wisteria and mura (村) meaning village. When translated her name means wisteria village.

Hisoka: Hisoka can be split into two parts. Hiso (密) meaning secrecy and ka (花) meaning flower. When roughly translated her name means secret flower.


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