Episode: 13

Song: Solar Flare Sherbet

Coord: Aqua Jewel Pirates Coord

Hibiki: This ought to be interesting.

Ichigo: I'll show Hibiki-chan that her PriPara rules are stupid!

Ichigo: Coord Change Start!

Meganii: Your coord shows that you definitely want defeat someone. You want to try your best! Go for it!

Ichigo: Ai obiru taiyō no Flare Sherbet Kankaku wa mujūryoku ni shite Mune no kogasu yūwaku no Proto Planet Dakishimete yo More Romantic Kui no nai asu wo minasai sekai wa Dare no tame nan no tame mawatteru to omou

螢幕快照 2016-01-18 下午07.09

Golden Airy!

'Ichigo: Making Drama! Switch On! *Birds show up hurt, Ichigo runs up to them with a rainbow trail behind 'them, the birds color turn into rainbows and they all jump up in the air. Lovely Rainbow! Golden Airy!

Sora tokasu taiyō no Flare Sherbet Ne oshiete ageru wa watashi wa Inochi kara eien e Proto Planet Umarekawaru romansu

Ichigo: I did it...

Hibiki: Well, congrats. You proved to me, well. You can now perform in PriPara whenever you want.

Ichigo: Yay! But the army...

Hibiki: Forget about the army, they'll handle themselves..

Ichigo: If you say so, Hibiki-chan..

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