Ichigo Moon
Kanji いちご月
Romaji Ichigo Mūn
Personal Info
BirthdayMay 13
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorHot Pink
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)TBA
Favorite Brand(s)Dreaming Girl
Idol TypeLovely
ManagerMr. Kojo

Ichigo Moon is one of the characters of the series. She is a 8th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is a Lovely-type idol. Her Brand is Dreaming Girl. This character is RPed with MayaAurora~.


Ichigo has blonde hair and hot pink eyes. She also wears a pink bow with small wings and a yellow heart in the middle. Her casual coord is the Dream Twinkle Ribbon Revolution Cyalume Coord, and she is said to have a glowing radiance.



Ichigo is very friendly and kind. She is also childish, but has a happy-go-lucky personality. She's also a bit of an airhead and a crybaby, which causes people to get annoyed.


Ichigo with Amnesia is about her normal self. Except she doesn't remember anyone but herself - and has a hard time. She's still clumsy, and her relationships stay the same with everyone despite her having trouble remembering them.


When Ichigo is evil, she still cares for her friends, but barely. She works with DOP in trying to get rid of the others as well.


Mr. Kojo - He is Ichigo's mascot in PriPara.

Aimi Kazuki - One of her team members in StalkPara, and they're close friends to which Aimi thinks that Ichigo is one of the reasons that she considered to still become a designer.

Rikka Kagamiboshi - One of her team members in StalkPara.

Ivanly - One of her team members in StalkPara.

Waka - One of her team members in StalkPara.


  • She is the twenty-first Kami Idol in the series.
  • She is the sixth known idol to possess the Prism Voice.
  • She has the strongest Prism Voice.
  • She's rivals with Mizuki Hoshizora.
  • She is the first character to have Dreaming Girl as her favored brand.
  • She is the first character that is not an OC to do the Kami Idol Challenge Live.
  • Ichigo actually loves something more than PriPara - Pianos.
    • She loves pianos a lot, because her mom would play her a song called Bluestone Alley on a piano at a store when she was young. Her mom died, so she loves playing Bluestone Alley on the same piano that her mom played on, at the same store.

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