Iona Kawamichi
Iona visual rendered
Kanji 川道イオナ
Romaji Kawamichi Iona
Personal Info
BirthdayJuly 14
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorAmethyst
FamilyTakahiro Fujimura - father
Fumiko Fujimura - mother
Hitomi Fujimura - younger sister
Hiroko Fujimura - younger sister
Hisoka Fujimura - younger sister
Home PlaceParajuku
Heiress to Fujimura Company.
First AppearanceEpisode 12
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)HEART GOES ON
Where Courage Is Born
Favorite Brand(s)Brilliant Prince
Idol TypeCeleb
Voice ActressAyaka Ōhashi
SingerAya Ikeda

Iona Kawamichi is one of the characters of the series. She is a high school student at MR Private Girls' School. She is a Celeb-type idol. Her brand is Brilliant Prince. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Iona uniform

Iona outside of PriPara in the MR Private Girls' School uniform.

Inside and outside of PriPara, Iona has long, grey hair that reaches her thighs with a thin braid coming off her left side. Her hair parts to the left and her bangs become slightly wavy towards the end on her left. She has amethyst-purple eyes. A white bow with gold stripes holds up the braid. She is mostly seen in the MR Private Girls' School uniform. It consists of a dark indigo-purple blazer on top of a white dress shirt, with a black tie tucked neatly inside the blazer collar. Two small silver buttons keep the blazer closed. A small, rectangular brown pin with gold lining is clipped onto her blazer's left collar, reading "Secretary", indicating her position on the Student Council. The skirt is pleated and falls above her knees. It is a pale thistle colour. She wears grey stockings and black buckle shoes. She is yet to be seen in casual clothing.


Iona is very cold to others. She prefers to be alone and gets annoyed when people approach her. She is also very informal, calling people by their surname or first name without honorifics. Despite this she is also very caring towards the people she knows.

In truth, Iona Kawamichi is a disguise. Her real name is Hisako Fujimura (藤村永子 Fujimura Hisako ), the eldest of four daughters of the head of the Fujimura Company, run by her father. As the eldest she is the heiress to the company, but ran away due to not wanting to take her father's place in the future. Using advanced technology, she erased her traces and took on a new persona to hide herself. She now lives alone in an apartment near her school.


A Privileged Life

Hisako lived a very privileged life as a child. Coming from a high class family she was spoilt by her mother and father. However, she remained humble and polite to others. Because of her parents' work she traveled to many countries and cities with them, some of them being London, Paris, Rome, Berlin and other places around Europe. She was homeschooled and taught many languages because of her travels. She is now fluent in English, French, Italian and German as well as Japanese. She was also taught fencing, sword fighting, piano and violin. She and her sisters were very well off as children. She also met Rikka many times and they remain good friends.

The Company

As she grew older she became more involved in her parents' work. One day, when she was 14, she overheard her parents talking about her future and planning out her life as the head of the Fujimura Company. Upset over her parents' decision to make her life according to their will, she runs away. Taking her needed items with her, she erased her past and enrolled herself at MR Private Girls' School under the name Iona Kawamichi. Though her parents worry about her, she refuses to return and is determined to forge her own path in life.

Rikka and PriPara

After a year hiding as Iona, she sees Rikka headed towards Prism Stone. Curious about her old friend, she follows Rikka to Prism Stone. Before Rikka heads inside, there is a commotion outside in the café, and the two friends reunite after trays of drinks were sent flying and were saved by Rikka and Iona. Rikka asks Iona about why she changed her name, but she refuses to tell. Iona asks Rikka about PriPara, and Rikka responds by saying she's going to PriPara, and invites Iona to join her, but realises that Iona doesn't have a PriTicket. However, it turns out that Iona had received hers long before, but was reluctant as she saw idols as a waste of time. Eventually she enters and experiences PriPara for the first time, and is taken aback at how different it was.


Six months pass since Iona entered PriPara. Caught up with school, work PriPara was eventually forgotten. After school one day she decides to go again, and returns to PriPara. There she meets Rikka, who once again asks why Iona, or rather Hisako, changed her name. This time Iona gives in. She explains to Rikka that she didn't want to run her parents' company and wanted to live her life differently. She didn't want to be known as the successes or to Takahiro Fujimura, but as someone else in her own right. After a long silence Rikka suggests that Iona performs. Iona refuses, but thinks over it again, and performs anyway. She realises that she could follow the path of an idol, so she is recognised for her talent and not her name. She ranks up to Major Class after the performance, and continues to perform today.

Significant Coords

Casual: Military Look Coord


Rikka Kagamiboshi - Her childhood friend. Rikka and Iona met a lot, both coming from well-known families. After changing identity, Rikka forgets about Iona, and Iona forgets Rikka. After meeting again after an accident outside Prism Stone, Rikka convinces Iona to become an idol. They are also teammates in SHiMering Elegance.

Hibiki Shikyoin - They met when Iona temporarily lived in Paris, France as a child. The two got along but were not close. Hibiki also approached Iona to ask her to join CelePara Opera Company, but she refused due to not knowing Hibiki or any other of members well. Hibiki and Iona still know each other, and now more than they used to, but Iona does not consider Hibiki a friend.

Hitomi Fujimura - One of her sisters and the second eldest of the Fujimura children. They are two years apart. Hitomi had large, round eyes, which was why she was appropriately name "Hitomi", which means pupil. Iona and Hitomi were very close as children while travelling with their parents. Iona knew that Hitomi would've been devastated once she found out "Iona" was gone, but still left. She did however leave her a pendant with a photo of the two playing as children inside.

Hiroko Fujimura - One of her sisters and the second youngest of the Fujimura children. They are five years apart. Iona and Hiroko weren't very close as kids, but she stilled cared for Hiroko as the oldest sister. Hiroko was a tomboy so they still got along as both were slightly tomboy-ish. Hiroko was nine when Iona left.

Hisoka Fujimura - One of her sisters and the youngest off the Fujimura children. They are seven years apart. Iona used to look after Hisoka a allot while they traveled. They were the least closest of the sisters, with Hisoka being seven years old when Iona left, who was double her age at 14 years old. Though Iona knew Hisoka would have had to grow up with a missing sister, she was determined to find another path in life that suited her better.

Fumiko Fujimura - Her mother. Iona and her mother were close when Iona was younger, so she felt guilty about leaving. However, she did hide and note addressed to her mother about why she left. It is unknown if Fumiko ever found that note.

Takahiro Fujimura - Her father. Iona respects her father greatly but still holds a grudge against him for or planning her future for her. She cringes whenever she hears his name or his company on the news or anywhere in general, as it reminds her of what he tried to do to her.

Shion Todo - One of her teammates in SHiMering Elegance.

Hikari Todo - One of her teammates in SHiMering Elegance.

Mizuki Hoshizora - One of her teammates in SHiMering Elegance.


Kawamichi: Kawamichi can be split into two parts. Kawa (川) meaning river and michi (道) meanings path. When roughly translated her name means river path or river's path.

Iona: Iona originates from old Irish and means blessed. It can also mean violet in old English.

Hisako Fujimura

Fujimura: Fujimura can be split into two parts. Fuji (藤) meaning wisteria and mura (村) meaning village. When translated her name means wisteria village.

Hisako: Hisako (永子) means long-lived child. The hisa (永 ei ) means eternity and ko (子 shi ) means child.


  • She is the second Kami Idol in the series.
  • She is the oldest of the Fujimura sisters.
  • She is the first main idol to not attend Paprika Private Academy.
  • She is the second main character to be in high school, preceded by Hibiki Shikyoin.
    • She is however younger than Hibiki by roughly three months.
  • She is the third character to have two separate voice actresses for speaking and singing, preceeded by Rikka Kagamiboshi and Mizuki Hoshizora.
  • She shares her speaking voice actress with Ran Shibuki from Aikatsu!.
  • Her school, MR Private Girls' School, is a reference to The Mac.Robertson Girls' High School in Victoria, Australia, a school that is relatively close to the RPer's home and where many of her classmates went.
    • Both schools have the same motto, Potens Sui, which is Latin for Mastery of Self.
    • Her school's name is actually spelt in Latin as MR Privata Puellarum Schola.
  • She is the secretary in the Student Council.
  • She is the third Celeb-type idol in the series, preceded by Hibiki Shikyoin and Serena Yoshida.
  • She is the second idol to prefer Brilliant Prince, preceded by Hibiki.
    • They also have the same casual outfit inside of PriPara, the Military Look Coord.
    • When wearing the Military Look Coord, her usual bow is replaced by the coord's hair accessory.
  • Her voice actress, Aya Ikeda, actually sang HEART GOES ON with Mayu Kudou for HeartCatch PreCure!.
  • She shares her first name with Iona Hikawa/Cure Fortune from HappinessCharge PreCure!.
  • She is very informal when speaking, such as using atashi (あたし) to address herself and not adding honorifics such as -san (さん lit. Mr, Mrs, Ms etc. ) to the end of people's name.
  • She always carries around a dagger-like knife with rose designs on it wherever she goes, though it is usually hidden from view. The knife is actually a family heirloom she recieved from her mother as a child while she learnt sword fighting and fencing.
    • It is revealed that she actually carries around multiple knives with her. Some other ones included throwing knives.
  • She is the sixth character to have a braid or braids in their hairstyle, preceeded by Dorothy West, Leona West, Fuwari Midorikaze, Ajimi Kiki and Rikka Kagamiboshi.
    • Her braid most resembles Dorothy's.
  • The patterns on her bow that is used outside of PriPara to hold her braid resmebles the patterns on the Military Look Coord bows.
  • She is easily startled by people appearing randomly from nowhere. It is mainly referred to as being "jumpscared".

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