160120 chara
Kanji じゅのん
Romaji Junon
Personal Info
Hair ColorPurple with light lavender streak
Eye ColorRuby
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Charisma~ and GIRL☆Yeah!
Favorite Brand(s)Rosette Jewel
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressTBA

Junon is one of the original characters in the series. She is a Cool-type idol. Her brand is Rosette Jewel. This character is RP'ed with Ivanly912.

She was revealed to be Non Manaka in Episode 98 of the canon series.


Junon has ruby-colored eyes and purple hair. Her bangs are split in two and she has two loose curled forelocks reaching her chest. Her hair is pulled into a high side ponytail with two curls similar to Falulu's hairstyle. One curl fades from purple at the top to lavender at the bottom.



Significant Coords

Casual: Sparkling Butterfly Coord

Cyalume: Rosette Jewel Cool Cyalume Coord


Pinon - One of her teammates in Triangle.

Kanon - One of her teammates in Triangle.


  • She is the nineteenth Kami Idol in the series.
  • She was the first S3 character announced along with Jewlulu.
  • She, along with Pinon and Kanon, share their manager with Hikari Todo.

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