Kojima Haruka
Haruka S3
Kanji 小島 はるか
Romaji Kojima Haruka
Personal Info
SpeciesHuman and Ghost
BirthdayMay 17th
Blood TypeAB+
Height160 cm
Hair ColorLight Green
Eye ColorFuchsia
FamilyKojima Kanon(Sister)
Home PlaceGhost World(Original)


OccupationIdol、Ghost Princess、Student
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Attack it!Lightning girls
Favorite Brand(s)Dolly Milky
Idol TypePop
Voice ActressOgura Yui

Kojima Haruka(小島 はるか) is one of the characters of the series,She is a Pop-type idol,6th grader at Paprika Private Academy,Her brand is Dolly Milky



Normal appearance

Haruka has round,fuchsia-colored eyes,and light green-shaded hair that is tied up into twin buns with two small tufts of hair sticking out on either side,and a cowlick in the center,She wears a big salmon orange bow with a fuchsia heart in the center with her regular hairstyle

In her original PriPara form,Haruka grows taller to equal the height of an average middle school student,Her hair is getting longer


Haruka is a curious girl,is also a girl who likes prank,victory is very strong,lively and cheerful、 kindly girl

Significant Coords

1st Casualluscious Pastel Ribbon Coord

2nd CasualDream Zeal Twinkle Ribbon Cyalume Coord

Super Cyalume︰Super Cyalume Haruka Coord



  • When she becomes a ghost princess,her eyes pupil will disappear
  • After becoming a ghost,physical strength and strength have increased
  • She is good at tactics
  • She has a good memory

Image Gallery

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