Madeleine Bokerdole
Madeleine rendered
Kanji マデレーン・ボーカドール
Romaji Maderēn Bōkādōru
Personal Info
AgeAround 10-20
Vocal Doll
BirthdayAugust 17
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorGrey
Home PlacePriPara
Vocal Doll of Death
First AppearanceEpisode 16 (cameo)
Episode 24 (official)
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Hoshi to Hana
Favorite Brand(s)Marionette Mu
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressChiwa Saito

Madeleine Bokerdole is one of the characters of the series. She is a Vocal Doll inside of PriPara. She is a Lovely-type idol. Her brand is Marionette Mu. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Madeleine has grey hair which is braided in two thick pigtails to the side with grey eyes. Her bangs are eye-length and she wears silver headphones with grey ribbons and a tiara. Her voice has an eery tone to it.

When she turns demonic, her eyes become lifeless and look like black holes. Her voice slightly deepens and she begins to emit a dark aura,


She is very mysterious. She appears and disappears on random occasions without warning, acting as if she was a ghost or spirit. Unlike most other Vocal Dolls, she does not start out naïve and does not copy other idols. She was aware that she was a Vocal Doll and that she could not snap. She speaks very strangely, as if in riddles, which causes those around her to get confused. She also speaks with pauses, and never in full sentences. She tends to describe things as being "interesting".

When demonic she loses the ability to feel emotions. She becomes blank and expressionless, but gives off a malicious feeling.



Madeleine's PriTicket was found in an abandoned building by Chiho. Upon scanning it into PriPara's system Madeleine was born. Madeleine was very naïve, but knew more than most Vocal Dolls. She also possessed the Prism Voice. Chiho began training her to be an idol, but was worried. Her eyes did not shine as brightly as other Vocal Dolls. Though most Vocal Doll eyes do not shine brightly as they are not fully human, Madeleine's were different. Instead of shining with the sparkle of idols and life, Madeleine's eyes shone with despair. Chiho decided to ignore this and continued their training.

The eyes of death

Years pass and Madeleine reaches the Top Idol rank. While in one of her performances, Chiho and Meganii see something strange. While Madeleine performed her Making Drama, her eyes turned menacing and her voice became deeper and more malicious-sounding. Her Prism Voice is activated but insteads destroys some nearby objects. When asked about it after Madeleine says that she didn't realise anything different. Worried, Meganii decides to do research on her and her origins, and discovers something shocking.

Madeleine's true powers

After months of researching, Meganii discovers the truth and decides to tell Chiho: that Madeleine was the Vocal Doll of Death. Madeleine's PriTicket contained the powers of despair and sadness, to counter the joy and happiness in every other PriTicket of PriPara's idols. Madeleine's Prim Voice also holds different powers. Though not much was known, Meganii says that the PriPara Legends state that Prism Voices bring life and happiness to those watching. But Madeleine's Prism Voice is different, and that it brought an unknown power, but just as powerful as a regular Prism Voice. Chiho, afraid of what may happen because of Madeleine, decides to limit her performances and eventually stops her from performing altogether.

The last live

Years after Meganii informs Chiho about Madeleine, Chiho rethinks the situation. She decides to let Madeleine perform again. But when she goes to Meganee about it, she is immediately stopped by Meganii, who tries to tell her that allowing Madeleine to perform could be dangerous. Chiho decides to ignore Meganii's warning and allows Madeleine to perform once again. Halfway through her performance, Madeleine once again turns destructive, but this time she destroys the stage and injures some fans. Meganii immediately shuts down her system to prevent her from causing anymore damage, and Madeleine "dies". Her lifeless body is put somewhere secret, hidden from regular PriPara idols and fans, to stop any chances of a mass outbreak of panic occurring.


Ten years after Madeleine's system is shut down, many idols report seeing an eery figure roaming PriPara. The figure is described as being a Vocal Doll, with grey hair and a monotone outfit. Her eyes are described as black holes, that could kill you if you were to make eye-contact. She would unleash a dark aura when she begins to sing: just like Madeleine. Alarmed by Madeleine's "return", Meganii and Chiho go to her resting place, where she lies lifeless after being shut down. However, they find her there, completely still in a custom-made coffin, looking like she did ten years earlier. Meganii puts the Meganee's on heightened security in case Madeleine did come back.

I'm not that Madeleine

After six months of Madeleine's reappearance, Chiho encounters Madeleine in the old building where she first found her PriTicket. Chiho demands to know why Madeleine has returned, and why she is here at all. Madeleine replies by saying that she is not actually Madeleine, but that she is Madeleine's soul, left to wander PriPara after she was put to sleep. Chiho refuses to believe her as she is completely solid, but Madeleine proves it by going to her body's resting place. Shocked at seeing a dead Madeleine next to a soul Madeleine, Chiho decides to keep this secret. Chiho allows the soul Madeleine to perform occasionally, but only short performances every few months when Meganii is not aware. They continue this to the present day

Significant Coords

Casual and Cyalume: Mystery Marionette Mu Cyalume Coord.


Chiho - Her manager. Chiho is responsible for scanning Madeleine's PriTicket and subsequently her birth. Though they got along, Chiho feels incredibly guilty about scanning Madeleine's ticket and sometimes wishes that she didn't.


Madeleine: Madeleine (マデレーン Maderēn ) is a form of the name "Magdalene", which originates from Saint Mary Magdelene. The name Magdalene means from Magda. A Madeleine is also a small dessert.

Bokerdole: Bokerdole (ボーカドール Bōkādōru ) is a shortened form of the term Vocal Doll, which is what she is.


  • She is the third Kami Idol in the series.
  • She is the eight known idol to possess the Prism Voice.
    • Her Prism Voice is called the Deathly Prism Voice according to PriPara Legend. It is said to be able to destroy PriPara as well as revive it, depending on the user's will.
  • She is the first character to have three image songs.
    • Her first image song, Hoshi to Hana can revive people if she wishes because her Prism Voice possesses the regular revival power of a Prism Voice.
    • Her second image song, Träumerei, can kill people if she wishes because her Prism Voice can also kill.
    • Her third image song, Magia, is actually her "Death Song". When she sings it it causes PriPara to slowly be destroyed, causing everything to be "reset".
  • She has a Cyalume Airy exclusive to her called the Twilight Airy. She is the second idol to have one, preceeded by Hibiki Shikyoin.
    • When using the Airy the background becomes space instead of a black background. Her Cyalume Aura is also not present.
  • She is the fourth Vocal Doll introduced in the series.
  • It is unknown how old she actually is. Her system was shut down ten years before the events of the series. However, Chiho has stated that she found Madeleine's PriTicket many years before that, but that it wasn't more than ten years before. This makes her around 10 to 20 years old.
    • This would also mean that she is the second oldest character in the series, behind Ajimi who would be in her mid-twenties.
  • She and Chiho are the only ones to know that the current Madeleine is actually her soul.
  • Her body's resting place is a secret room underneath PriPara and ChikaPara that was formerly the first stage in PriPara. It can only be accessed by a passcode that unlocks a hidden doorway to that room. The only people to know of that code is Madeleine herself, Chiho, Meganii Akai and the various Meganee Akai's.
    • However, Chiho once broke into the system while Meganii was away and changed the passcode, which means that now only Chiho and Madeleine know the passcode, though with Madeleine she can easily enter whenever she wants (I'm still thinking about what this should be xD)
  • Though she is a soul, her "body" is completely solid and she can do regular tasks such as shaking hands. However she does sometimes start to fade and appear more like a ghost.
  • She only has one PriTicket, her original one, which is continually filled up with the negativity happening in PriPara.
    • PriTickets are also not printed for her after a performance like for normal idols.
  • Though it is not clearly stated, the return of Madeleine's soul is because Madeleine wanted to be set free again and to continue performing. But due to the fact that Meganii holds graves concerns about her power and forbids her reboot, her soul instead performs, waiting for the day to use her Prism Voice to "reset" PriPara so she can wake up and perform again.
  • She shares her voice actress with Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • Both have very similar intentions. They want to reset the universe/PriPara and possess demonic powers. In Homura's case she becomes a demon.
    • However, Madeleine's actions are purely for herself, while Homura's actions are for Madoka Kaname, her best friend.
  • Because she is a spirit, she can move freely wherever she wants, meaning that she does not necessarily need to walk.
    • It is also shown that she can fly.
  • Her birthday falls on one of the days of Obon, a Japanese holiday that honours one's dead. This is fitting for Madeleine's image of death.
    • Her birthday falls on the day her PriTicket was first scanned. It is also the day when Meganii shut down her system. Because of this her birthday can also be considered her death day.
  • She is the first Vocal Doll to be shut down forcefully instead of snapping her Friends Ticket.
  • Chiho has said that Madeleine cannot be awakened because her PriTicket contains all the despair in the world's PriPara's, and that awakening her would cause chaos in PriPara by unleashing this despair.
  • She is sometimes called the Vocal Doll of Death by Meganii Akai.
  • She can be considered one of the antagonists because of her desire to "reset" PriPara, even at the cost of the current PriPara itself.
  • She has a tendency to appear before people and unitentionally scare them, as well as disappear.
    • It is unknown if she likes doing so, but it is hinted that she finds it "interesting", which would make her a bit of a troll.
  • It is shown in Episode 25 that Madeleine possesses power centred around purple-coloured flames, summoning fireballs and flaming arrows.
  • She shares her second image song with Mayu, another one of Mana's characters.
  • She currently has the most trivia on this wiki at 35 points.

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Madeleine GoddessForm
Kanji マデレーン
Romaji Maderēn
Personal Info
Hair ColorGrey
Eye ColorGrey
Idol Info

Madeleine is Madeleine Bokerdole's true form. She is an ancient PriPara goddess and is known as the Goddess of Despair; the one meant to contradict Jewlie


Madeleine as a goddess greatly resembles her Vocal Doll form. However, her hair is extremely long in this form; much longer than usual. Her silver headphones are still present, but the bows are not present. Unlike Jewlie, her goddess dress is very plain. It comprises of a long, black dress with thin shoulder straps.


Madeleine has next to no emotions. Being an ancient goddess, she can be wise at times, but because of her lack of care for anything, her wisdom is more than often interpreted as her morbid nature. She can show joy in rare instances though. She holds a strong dislike of Jewlie and the idols of PriPara.


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