Nightmare Amethyst Coord (ナイトメアアメシスト Naitomea Ameshisuto ) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Holic Trick. It is a PriPara Rare coord. It is worn by Rikka Kagamiboshi as her casual coord. It first appears in Episode 1.


Rikka Kagamiboshi — Episode 1-present (Casual)



A dark violet off-shoulder with gold lining and a white frill collar. On the right side of the collar is an amethyst. A corset design runs down th middle in the front with black strings across it. A deep maroon ribbon is tied on right and a white glove on the left. A deep maroon choker with an amethyst attached is also featured.


A two layered skirt in dark violet colour with gold lining. The top layer overlaps on itself with the left on top of the right. On it is a large amethyst with a silver rim. The bottom layer is slightly frilly and white in colour.


Dark violet ankle boots with a large openings and black ribbons. Amethysts are also attached to the ribbons. The heels are white in colour. A deep maroon ribbon is featured and attaches to the thigh when worn.


A black mini top hat with a white ribbon around it and two small amethysts attached. Coming off the hat is a small white frill.

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  • The original design had the boots as white instead of dark violet.