Nightmare Holic Trick Cyalume Coord (ナイトメアホリックトリックサイリウム Naitomea Horikku Torikku Sairiumu ) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Holic Trick. It is a Cyalume Rare coord. It is worn by Rikka Kagamiboshi whenever she performs a Cyalume Change or Cyalume Airy. It first appears in Episode 6 in her performance with DreamHeart.


Rikka Kagamiboshi — Episode 6-present (Cyalume Change)



A dress that begins with an indigo top with a big section of white on the chest. Lining the top portion is a ruffled band of maroon, black, and white stripes to match the sleeves. A deep maroon bow is attached to the right side of the chest. A light indigo and white corset-inspired piece is worn a few inches below the chest with silver strings and gold accents. On the back of the skirt is a silver bow attached to two silver tails that each have a single amethyst and gold diamond each on the end. The skirt is in two layers, with the top being light white with silver accent and the second maroon and black stripes with a white ruffled under-skirt being visible. In the center of the skirt are three light indigo pleated layers with amethysts and gold diamonds on the top portion. Comes with a white and indigo collar with a small design at the center.


Tall indigo boots with silver string held by tiny gold pieces going up the boot. The heel is also silver and deep maroon ribbons are attached to the top.


An indigo miniature top hat worn to the side of the head with a white band around the middle and an amethyst attached to the ribbon.

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