Non Manaka
Non New
Kanji 真中 のん
Romaji Manaka Non
Personal Info
Hair ColorLavender
Eye ColorPurple-grey
FamilyLaala Manaka - older sister
Himeka Manaka - mother
Home PlaceParajuku
Idol Info
Favorite Brand(s)Twinkle Ribbon Sweet
Idol TypeLovely
Voice ActressMinami Tanaka

Non Manaka is one of the original characters of the series. She is Laala Manaka's younger sister and a student of Paprika Private Academy's elementary school branch. She is a fan of Pink Actress, Falulu Bokerdole, Aromageddon and Fuwari Midorikaze.

She was revealed to be Kanon, Junon and Pinon in Episodes 97 and 98 of the canon series. She nows goes to PriPara in a new idol form.


Non has short lavender hair styled into a side ponytail on her left. Her ponytail is held in with a light green scrunchie. Her bangs are straight cut and split on the right. She has purple-grey eyes.

In her new idol form, Non's ponytail becomes longer, resembling her sister's hair inside PriPara.


Unlike Laala, Non is more mature and knows a lot about idols. She also seems to be very intelligent. Even though she asked for a payment for hiding Laala's PriPara bag and tickets from Headmistress Gloria, she supports Laala for being an idol. She also acts older than her sister Laala and takes care of her when sick.

Non is yet to recieve Her PriTicket, though she believes that it will come soon. Although she supports her sister as an idol, she has stated that she wants Laala to become the number one idol so that she can go and overtake her.


Laala Manaka - Her older sister. She is supportive of Laala even though it is because she wants to become a better idol than her when her time comes.

Himeka Manaka - Her mother.


  • Her name can mean "no" in French.
  • She shares similarities with Eru and Uru Harune from Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, PriPara's predecessor and sister series.
    • All 3 of them have similar appearances.
    • All 3 of them admire their elder sister, who is the main protagonist and an idol. (Aira for Uru and Eru and Laala for Non).
    • Both of their families run a store. (Haru no Sorato bakery for Uru and Eru and Papa's Pasta for Non).
    • All 3 of them helped their elder sister keep their idol activities a secret from their parents in the beginning of the series.
    • All had the phrase "There is always love inside hate" said to them by another chararcter (Kaname for Uru and Eru and Himeka for Non).