Paradise Stars is a RP series by Ivanly912. It is also a spinoff of the original PriPara series. This series mostly features Ivanly's characters, and some SoLaMi♡Dressing characters who will make cameos.

P.S. This series is a completely different story to the main one on the RP board, so don't be surprised when SHiMer "reforms" or something coz they didn't xDDDD. Only a few things written here will actually appear in the RP board ^^

Status: Hiatus till half-yearly exams are over T-T


SoLaMi♡Dressing have finally completed their goal; Defeating Faruru and bringing obtaining the Paradise Coord. However, the happy moment quickly disappears when Laala and Faruru snap Friend Tickets, causing Faruru to collapse. On the day of the Faruru Comeback Live, the Paradise Coord stopped glowing, Laala's Prism Voice wasn't strong enough and Faruru didn't wake up. Out of ideas, all the idols abandon PriPara, leaving it empty with no one except the lifeless Vocal Doll, Meganii, Meganee and the managers. SoLaMi♡Dressing also started growing distant. One by one, they moved to different parts of the world.

One year later, Shion is the only one out of SoLaMi♡Dressing still living in Parajuku. On her way to school, she passed Prism Stone and heard something she never would've imagined...


Note: I have permission from Seiraa and Manacchi to use Laala, Mirei, Leona, Iona and Rikka so don't give me any warnings or stuff coz I have permission xD



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Chapter Title Arc
N/A Prologue 1
After SoLaMi♡Dressing failed to revive Falulu with the miracle of the Paradise Coord, all the idols abandon PriPara. Just when Laala thought it couldn't get any worse...
01 A Mysterious Voice... 1
One year later, Shion is the only remaining member of SoLaMi♡Dressing still living in Parajuku. On her way to school, she passes by Prism Stone and hears something she never would've expected. The door to a new PriPara is awaiting.
02 This is PriPara??! 1
After telling Hikari the events of that morning, Shion and Hikari dash to Prism Stone after school to investigate. As they opened the locked gate, they are approached by Shion's childhood friend, Mizuki.
03 New System and the Nostalgic Song 1
Meganii approaches the girls and requests for a live from the three of them. Out of the blue, Mizuki and Hikari suggest that they sing No D&D Code, the song sung by Shion's old team, Dressing Pafé.
04 House Inspection 1
Ookanda Headmistress makes a visit to Shion and Hikari's house to check for PriTickets. This time, she has her eyes on the safe that she could never check once because it apparently held their ancestors' fragile heirlooms.
05 We're back! Tension Maxpushu~! 1
After discovering that their safe was actually empty, Shion discovers a note on the ground telling them to meet someone outside of Prism Stone. Who sent them the note? And what happened to the PriTickets that were stored safely inside that safe?
06 Everyone's Combined Efforts will Save the World! 1
After a few brainstorming sessions, they couldn't come up with anything to help attract more guests into PriPara. One night, Shion thought of an idea. Everyone else thought it was crazy, but might just work...
07 The Number One Idol Star 1
Shion proposed another crazy idea; a new team with Mizuki and Hikari. After given some time to think about it, their decision is...
08 Tension Kashikoma! We've returned-pri~ 1
Laala, Mirei and Leona return to Parajuku.

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