ぴのん (1)
Kanji ぴのん
Romaji Pinon
Personal Info
Hair ColorCyan with light lavender streak
Eye ColorBlue
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Charisma~ and GIRL☆Yeah!
Favorite Brand(s)Rosette Jewel
Idol TypePop
Voice ActressTBA

Pinon is one of the original characters in the series. She is a Pop-type idol. Her brand is Rosette Jewel. This character is RPed with Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa.

She was revealed to be Non Manaka in Episode 98 of the canon series.


Pinon has blue eyes and curly cyan hair. Her bangs have a slight part on the side with two, short curled strands in front of her ears. Her hair is pulled into a large bun with a single curl sticking out from the bottom. The patterns on her bun resemble candy. She has streaks of pink and purple through her bun.


She ends her sentences with "~pippi".

Significant Coords

Casual: Sparkling Star Coord

Cyalume: Rosette Jewel Pop Cyalume Coord


Junon - One of her teammates in Triangle.

Kanon - One of her teammates in Triangle.


  • She was the second S3 character announced.
  • She was revealed during the PriPara Live Musical.
  • She calls herself the Princess of the Planet Pinon.
  • She, along with Junon and Kanon, share their manager with Hikari Todo.

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