Rikka album cover

PriPara Idol Songs♪ Collection by Rikka Kagamiboshi is a single sung by Rikka Kagamiboshi. It was released on April 13th, 2016.


  1. Hirari/Hitori/Hirari ~Rikka ver.~
  2. forever rose
  3. Bright Fantasy ~Rikka ver.~
  4. Message from Rikka
  5. Hirari/Hitori/Kirari (Instrumental)
  6. forever rose (Instrumental)
  7. Bright Fantasy (Instrumental)


  • This is the first album to feature Rikka Kagamiboshi.
  • Rikka's name is spelt as Kagamiboshi Rikka on the album in the Japanese order.
    • There is also a colon ( : ) after the by on the cover.
  • The album's cover features Rikka outside of PriPara.
    • Rikka's hair is also let down as she usually has a braid going across the top of her head.

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