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PriPara Idol Songs Collection by Madeleine Bokerdole is a single sung by Madeleine Bokerdole. It is set to be released on July 17th, 2016.

Featured Singers


  1. Hoshi to Hana ~Madeleine ver.~
  2. Träumerei ~Madeleine ver.~
  3. Magia ~Madeleine ver.~
  4. Message from Madeleine
  5. Hoshi to Hana (Instrumental)
  6. Träumerei (Instrumental)
  7. Magia (Instrumental)


  • This is the first album to feature Madeleine Bokerdole
  • The release date of this album falls on the first day of which Obon can be celebrated, with Madeleine's birthday being the second.

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