Reyna Ōsei is one of the characters of the series.She is a veteran-idol like Sophie.She becomes part of Gemini. She is a Cool-type idol. Her brand is Holic Trick.This character is RPed with Nattysakura.


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Reyna has apparently been working in the idol industry since she was very young,she is known for her sexy and mature personality,in the school and at PriPara they call her "The Seductive Queen".Her catchphrase is "It was written in the stars"


  • Nana Naitou
  • Natalia Naitou
  • Houjou Sophie


  • Gemini  


  • Pumpkin Queen Mysterious Coord (Casual Coord)
  • Holic Trick Cyalume Coord

Holic Trick 

  • Pink Gorgeous Asian Coord
  • Classic Lady Coord
  • Macaron Cat Coord
  • Pinky Pirate Coord
  • Antique Prince Coord
  • British Mint Coord
  • British Gentle Coord
  • Mysterious Witch Coord
  • Creme Brulee Gothic Coord
  • Lovey Dovey Valentine Coord
  • Hydrangea Bouquet Coord
  • Modern Coffee Maid Coord
  • Cookie Queen Top
  • Piercing Purple Coord

Rosette Jewel 

  • Triangle Coolest Coord
  • Prism Cyalume Microphone Coord

Twinkle Ribbon 

  • Violet Country Gingham Coord
  • Lavender Butterfly Coord
  • Miracle Peach Coord
  • Powa Powa Light Pink Eater Coord
  • Purple Ribbon Meringue Coord

Candy alamode 

  • Marble Donuts Spark Coord
  • Sunflower Frog Coord

Marionette Mu 

  • Angelic Rose Coord
  • Silky Heart
  • Heart Love Angel Feeling Coord
  • Purple Angel Coord

Baby Monster 

  • Eternal Black and White Coord
  • Spinning China Coord
  • Black And White China Coord
  • Halloween Monster Coord
  • Small Devil Lime Coord
  • Blue and Red Punk Coord

Holic Trick Classic 

  • PriPari Classic Coord
  • Petit Devi Coord
  • Little Strawberry Devi Coord
  • Dark Fantasy Cross Coord
  • Captivating Classic Heart
  • Mysterious Potion Coord

Brilliant Prince 

  • Vampire Blue Rose Coord
  • Elegant Adult Coord

Devil Girl 

  • More Beautiful Devil Coord
  • Spider Candy Cobweb Coord


  • Perfume

Making Dramas 

  • Lipstick, Perfume, Blush , Fantastic Make Over!


  • Coord:
  • Cyalume Coord:
  • Brand:
  • Songs: 
  • Idols:

Trivia Edit

  • Her Cyalume Change Aura is
  • Her appearance is similar to Houjou Sophie