Rikka Kagamiboshi
Super cyalume rikka rendered
Kanji 鏡星リッカ
Romaji Kagamiboshi Rikka
Personal Info
BirthdayJanuary 21
Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorRed (left)
Gold (right)
FamilyMizue Kagamiboshi - mother
Home PlaceParajuku
First AppearanceEpisode 1
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Hirari/Hitori/Kirari by STAR☆ANIS (Waka, Fūri, Sunao, Remi, Moe, Eri, Yuna & Risuko)
forever rose
Favorite Brand(s)Holic Trick
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressChinami Nishimura
SingerNanase from AIKATSU☆STARS!
Rikka Kagamiboshi is one of the main characters in the series. She is a 9th grader at Paprika Private Academy. She is a Cool-type idol. Her brand is Holic Trick. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Normal rikka

Rikka outside of PriPara.

She has long, dark blue hair that reaches her waist. Across the top of her head is a small braid which starts behind her right ear and ends across her left shoulder. She has two small silver clips holding her braid on the left side of her head. She has heterochromia iridium, meaning her eyes are two different colours. Her right eye is red, while her left eye is gold. She also wears a pairs of glasses. She is normally seen wearing the Paprika Private Academy uniform or in a long, white dress and grey cardigan with black shoes.

After undergoing PriPara Change her hair becomes shorter and is now styled into a thick braid which rests on her left shoulder. There are two small amethysts at the end of her braid. Inside of PriPara she wears the Nightmare Amethyst Coord, her PriPara Rare.


Rikka is a calm and quiet girl. She spends a lot of time reading books and studying, as well as sketching. She is very polite when speaking to other people. She doesn't have many friends and is very reserved. She learnt judo from her grandfather as a child, therefore she is incredibly strong. As well as self-defence she can also play piano and violin to a certain extent. Although she appears confident, in truth she is very shy and has trouble making friends, resulting in her being alone a lot. She likes designing her own clothes and wants to become a designer like her mother. However because of her shy personality she doesn't have the courage to tell others about it. After undergoing PriPara Change she becomes more confident and outgoing. She designs Holic Trick Coords with Cosmo and occasionally performs. Her signature Coord, the Nightmare Amethyst Coord, was the first dress she made after becoming a PriPara designer. She debuted as an idol before the start of the first episode, and has already reached Kami Idol status. She has her own Making Drama, called "Crystallise! My Phantom Eternal Memories" (クリスタライズ! 私のエターナルメモリーズ Kurisutaraizu! Watashi no etānaru memorīzu ).

A gag between her and Duck-E is that Rikka will whack Duck-E away to quieten him. This whack can be anywhere from a simple knock to a smash that will send him flying over PriParis and across the globe^^



Rikka first wanted to become a designer after her mother opened her store RubyS. Rikka adored her mother's designs and decided that she would too be a designer like her mother. One day, after closing hours, Rikka saw her mother at her desk, struggling over new design. Realising how difficult the road to designing was, she shut out her other ambitions and started designing herself. Her first clothes were for her antique dolls her grandmother gave here and slowly she started designing for herself. Being shy, she was never able to fully tell others about her love for designing.


One day after school, Rikka found Sophie in Fancy Mode in the school yard. When she approached her, Sophie asked Rikka to take her to Prism Stone and PriPara so she could performs ne meet up with her oneesama. Reluctantly, Rikka took Sophie to Prism Stone. After Sophie said she wanted to take her into PriPara, Rikka refused as she did not have a PriTicket, but found one in her notebook shortly after. After being half-forcefully dragged into PriPara by Sophie and Meganee, she met Cosmo, who offered her a job as a designer for Holic Trick. She initially refused, but realised that this was a chance for her to become a designer and became one.

Idol debut

After a few months working as a Holic Trick designer, Cosmo suggested to Rikka that she should debut as an idol. Once again, Rikka refused, believing that her place in PriPara was that of a designer's, and that she would rather see her designs worn by other idols on stage. Not ready to give up, Cosmo made Rikka her own Cyalume Rare coord so she could debut. After rethinking, Rikka debuted with Hirari/Hitori/Kirari and jumped to the "Promising Idol" rank of Debut Class. At the same time, she also told her mother about her designing and PriPara, who supported her and said that this is what she wanted.

Hisako, or Iona

After a year of PriPara, Rikka remembers her old friend Hisako and realizes that she's disappeared. On her way to PriPara after school one day, a commotion breaks out outside of the Prism Stone café. Diving for the spilling trays, Rikka and Hisako reunite. However, Rikka is stunned to know that Hisako has changed into Iona, and now goes to prestigious MR Private Girls' School. Rikka asks Iona about why she changed her name, but Iona refuses to answer. Iona then asks Rikka about PriPara, and Rikka responds by saying she's going to PriPara and is an idol, and invites Iona to join her. Iona initially refuses but eventually enters anyways.

Why, Hisako?

Six months pass since Iona and Rikka entered PriPara. Iona has been out of touch and the two have lost contact with each other. While walking around PriPara, Rikka encounters Iona again. After sitting down next to the river, Rikka once again asks Iona, or rather Hisako, changed her name. This time Iona gives in, and explains to Rikka that Iona didn't want to be known because of her name, but because of her talent. After a long silence Rikka suggests to Iona that she performs. Iona again refuses, but rethinks it and performs anyway. She ranks up to Major Class and she and Rikka become friends again.

Significant Coords

Casual: Nightmare Amethyst Coord

Cyalume: Nightmare Holic Trick Cyalume Coord


Cosmo Hojo - Rikka's mentor in PriPara whom she greatly looks up to. She works alongside Rikka in designing Holic Trick dresses. Both are designers and idols.

Mizue Kagamiboshi - Rikka's mother who is the head designer of the clothing brand "RubyS". She is the reason Rikka became a designer and gives her advice whenever she needs it.

Iona Kawamichi - Her childhood friend. They often met, both coming from well-known families. After changing identity, Rikka forgot about Iona, and Iona forgot about Rikka. After an accident outside Prism Stone, the two meet again, but Rikka is surprised to learn that "Hisako" was now Iona. After convincing Iona to enter PriPara, she also convinces her to becomes and idol to find her owns path in life. They are also teammates in SHiMering Elegance.

Duck-E - Rikka's manager. They often bicker about minor details but otherwise get along well with each other. A running gag between them is that Rikka will whack Duck-E away to shut him up.

Sophie Hojo - Rikka and Sophie have met various times due to Rikka being a Holic Trick designer and working with Cosmo. She also dragged Sophie into Prism Stone and PriPara, which was how she became an idol and designer.

Ichigo Moon - One of her teammates in StalkPara. She gets along with her but can become annoyed at her childish antics.

Waka Hoshino - One of her teammates in StalkPara.

Aimi Kazuki - One of her teammates in StalkPara.

Shion Todo - One of her teammates in SHiMering Elegance.

Hikari Todo - One of her teammates in SHiMering Elegance.

Mizuki Hoshizora - One of her teammates in SHiMering Elegance.


Kagamiboshi: Kagamiboshi can be split into two parts. Kagami (鏡 mirror ) and boshi (hoshi) (星 star ). When roughly translated her surname means star made of mirrors.

Rikka: Rikka is written in katakana (リッカ) and therefore has no real meaning. When written in kanji (立花 lit. six-petal flower ) it can mean snowflake.


  • She is the first Kami Idol in the series.
  • She is the first character to have two differently colored eyes.
  • She is the third idol to prefer Holic Trick, preceeded by Sophie Hojo and Love Tochiome.
  • She is the first character to have two seperate voice actresses for her speaking and singing voices.
  • She shares her first name with Rikka Hishikawa/Cure Diamond from DokiDoki PreCure!.
    • She is very similar to Rikka
      • Both have long, dark blue hair.
      • Both have braids as part of their hairstyle (DokiDoki Rikka has hers at the back while PriPara Rikka has hers across her head).
      • Both excel academically.
      • Both have some kind of crystal as part of their theme (DokiDoki Rikka has blue diamonds, hence her namesake, while PriPara Rikka has amethysts).
  • She shares her speaking voice actress with Reika Aoki/Cure Beauty from Smile PreCure!.
    • Interestingly, she is also very similar to Reika
      • Both have long, dark blue hair in similar hairstyles.
      • Both practice a form of martial arts (Reika practices kyūdo, while Rikka practices judo).
      • Both excel academically.
      • Both are very polite when speaking to others.
  • She shares her singing voice actress with Rin Kurosawa and Lisa Shirakaba from Aikatsu!
    • Coincidentally, both Rikka and Rin are Cool-type idols.
    • However, her voice is deeper sounding and more like Lisa's than Rin's.
  • Her braid while outside of PriPara is very similar to Fuwari's.
  • She is near-sighted. This is because the RPer is also near-sighted.
  • It is shown in Episode 26 that she is a bad liar.

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"Official" Art

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