SHiMering Elegance is a 5-member Dream Team consisting of Shion Todo, Hikari Todo, Mizuki Hoshizora, Rikka Kagamiboshi and Iona Kawamichi.




Unit Relationships



Shion Todo

Hikari Todo

Mizuki Hoshizora

Rikka Kagamiboshi

Iona Kawamichi


Believer's HEAVEN by i☆Ris


SHiMering Elegance Debut Live - Episode 16


SHiMering comes from SHiMer as all the members are on this Dream Team. Elegance describes Rikka's and Iona's personalities.


  • They are the third Dream Team formed on this wiki.
  • This is the second time where Shion is the center of a unit, the first being Dressing Pafé.
  • Iona is the only member to not be a Cool-type idol.
  • They are the second team to debut with a non-PriPara song, though the non-PriPara song performed by i☆Ris
  • They are the second Dream Team to not disband after their debut live, the first being CelePara Opera Company.
    • Both teams have Shion as a member.

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