Sophie's Fan Club is Sophie's fan club at Paprika Private Academy. It consists of middle school students. They follow Sophie around wherever she goes and "protect" her.

Notable members


All wear bright magenta cloaks with a darker magenta "S" on the back, which stands for Sophie with two sparkles on it. The cloak is also reversible and is black underneath. Under their cloaks, they wear their school uniform or casual PriPara coord. Some members wear a pink headband with the signature "S" on it, while some wear a blue bow with the signature "S".


Sophie Hojo - They all worship Sophie and will protect her against anyone who tries to come close to her.


  • You must be a fan of Sophie.
  • You must first send at least 100 fanmail letters to Sophie.
  • You must have traded Friend Tickets at least once with Sophie.
  • You must always be ready to protect Sophie no matter they situation.
  • You must fight off anyone who comes within 3 metres of Sophie.

If you want to join please notify an admin first. You don't actually have to do all this^^


  • Their official group name is Sophie's Royal Guardians.
  • It is assumed they are all idols in PriPara but mainly go to watch Sophie.
  • All the members in the anime are girls.
  • All the members have a collection of Friend Tickets that they've traded with Sophie.