Episode: 3

Song: Miracle Paradise

Coord: Sping-Coming Sky CoordSilky Heart Cyalume Coord

Aimi: I've gained confidence!

Aimi: Coord Change Start!

Meganii: This coord is an amazing coord for this concert. Spring is coming, and this is the PERFECT coord for it!

Aimi: Miracle☆Paradise Heart ni kizamo

Kiseki-teki monogatari

Chīsana doryoku ga
Mirai o change hajimeyou

Let's Go! Let's Go! Nebagiba Let's Go!
Let's Go! Let's Go! Minna de Let's Go!
Are you ready? Say! Miracle☆Paradise

Coord batchiri (batchiri) Fairy na onepiece de (onepiece de)
Shisen atsumechau yo Minna ni todoke kono Music
Stage agareba (agareba) Daredatte idol (idol)
Jōshō shikō de ikou Making Drama Switch On!

*A sewing machine shows up*Aimi: Waah! Sugoi! Starts sewing up clothes.. *All the beautiful clothes that she maid started raining* Aimi: Rain of Clothes!

Cyalume Change!

Yume o kanaeru sekai Idol rank o agechaou

Kirameki☆Paradise Donna toki mo Egao tayasazu ikou Chīsana doryoku ga mirai o change Hajimeyou

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