Steampunk Maiden Coord (スティームパンクメイデン Sutīmupanku Meiden) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Clockwork Puppet. It is a Super Rare coord. It is worn by Mayu as her casual coord. It first appeared in Episode 36.


  • Mayu - Episode 36 (Casual)



A light beige blouse with assymetrical sleeves. The right sleeve is a puffed sleeve with fishnet along the arm ending in a copper arm accessory with a large gear attached. The left sleeve is a long, bown sleeve that puffs slightly at the ends which are white frills. Various Roman numerals are printed in white along the sleeves with a clock design at the bottom of the numbers. Across the blouse runs a brown leather strap which is clipped to the bottom with a large gold button. A gold, beaded chain, thin black chain and small gold pocket watch hang at the front of the top. A light brown corset with darker brown stripes is attached above the bottom half of the top. A grey section with lighter grey patterns is present on the left with dark grey ribbons holding the corset together.


A two layer grey and white skirt with Roman numeral "XIII" printed in white in the front.


Assymetrical designed shoes. The right is a grey heel worn with long white socks with a brown garter attached at the top. The left is a knee-length brown boot with white designs along its ankle and length and the word "horoligium" and a gear written in gold. Along the leg is the word "tredecim" followed by Roman numeral "XIII" design written in indigo.


A small black hat with a light brown ribbon wrapped around it. A maroon feather comes off a small gear attached to the ribbon with a gold chain hanging and dark amethyst hanging off it.


  • Tredecim means thirteen and horologium means clock, both in Latin.

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