Super Cyalume Rikka Coord (スーパーサイリウムリッカ Sūpā Sairiumu Rikka) is a Cool-type coord from the brand Holic Trick. It is a Super Cyalume Rare coord. It is worn by Rikka Kagamiboshi whenever she performs a Cyalume Change or Cyalume Airy. It first appears in episode ?.


Rikka Kagamiboshi - Episode ? (Cyalume Change)



An indigo and white tank-top with a ruffled piece of material coming in dark indigo, white, and maroon attached to a thin white band. The lining is gold to match the string sewn on the chest, shoulder straps, and the miniature corset section around the stomach, which is lined in dark indigo to match the string and two diamond gems hanging from it. Sewn to the right side of the chest is a deep maroon and gold striped bow, while attached to the shoulder straps are ruffled striped pieces of cloth. The skirt is in three layers over an indigo petticoat. The top is white with dark indigo lining and a section of maroon, while the second is gold with white hearts and lining, and the third is maroon, dark indigo and white striping with gold lining. Going down the center are three pieces of ruffled material, two white, one indigo, each lined in gold. On the back is a large deep maroon and gold bow attached to a smaller white bow, each with a single diamond gem attached to the bow tails. Comes a white and indigo bow with a small amethyst ornament and dark indigo wristlets with white frills and a gold bow.


Tall gold boots with a dark indigo toe and strip of material going up the center. White strings tie the middle. Two dark maroon bows are present on each boot, one sewn to the corner, the over on top of the boot.


A miniature dark indigo top hat with a white and gold band circling the middle. Two white pieces of material hang from it, each lined in gold with a large amethyst in the center.

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