Takahashi Rena
Takahashi Rena
Kanji 高橋 レナ
Romaji Takahashi Rena
Personal Info
BirthdayJune 27th
Blood TypeB+
Height160 cm
Hair ColorSea Green
Eye ColorTropical Orange
FamilyFather and Mother
Home PlaceTokyo
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Kill The Lights
Favorite Brand(s)Gothic Devil
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressKei Shindo
Takahashi Rena(高橋 レナ) is one of the characters of the series,She is a Cool-type idol,6th grader at Paprika Private Academy,Her brand is Gothic Devil



Rena school uniforms

Rena has hooded tropical orange eyes and long,sea green hair that curls on end in several sections with straight cut bangs a single,separate curled lock of hair to match her ear-covering forelocks,when wearing uniforms,often wear a cloak on the uniforms.

Outside Pripara,Rena appears to be the same height,Her hair is about shoulder-to-chest in length,and worn with a pair of spring green bat wings attached to a cardinal red headband


Rena is a suffering from serious "Chunichi Disease",sometimes from time to time committed "Nakaji",but she is still a lively and cheerful girl,a person who holds delusions of grandeur,She's bright、self-assured、smart、and thoughtful,She claims to be the devil from hell,She often took a magic book to cast.

Significant Coords


  • Yokoyama Natsuki-When she first met her,They will quarrel because of different opinions,But they are still great friends,and Natsuki、Haruka composition Constellation★
  • Kojima Haruka-She knew she was from the ghost of the princess,She admired her very much,and Natsuki  composition Constellation★


  • She likes to take magic books to spell spells to things
  • She sometimes talk about some self-centered words will be someone else pour cold water on
  • She actually sings well

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