Kanji トリコ
Romaji Toriko
Personal Info
Hair ColorBlue (feathers)
Eye ColorDark Blue
OccupationPriPara Mascot


Idol Info
Voice ActressRikako Aikawa

Toriko is one of the original characters from the series. She is a PriPara mascot and Fuwari's manager. She has been nicknamed the Blue Bird of Misfortune due to the bad things that happen in her presence. This character is RPed with Ivanly912.


Toriko is a small, plump, and round blue jay with blushing red cheeks. She has navy/black eyes, a small yellow beak and a lace collar around her neck. The edge of her wings and feather tuff are yellow.


Toriko is a shy, high-strung and isolated bird who thinks very little of herself due to her reputation. Prior to meeting Fuwari, she was always alone and to herself in her birdhouse and didn't trust people as shown when she thought Fuwari was going to do something bad to her. She has a tendency to panic over even the littlest things and tends to panic over Fuwari's easygoing personality. Despite still being shy, if something goes right she can become prideful and arrogant.


Fuwari Midorikaze - She is Fuwari's manager in PriPara.

Duck-E - They first met when Toriko went to moan about her misfortune by the lake.


  • She is the first mascot to be a bird, followed by Duck-E.