So, I was thinking of making this PriPara AMV of one of my favorite songs, "Tenshin Ranman Tenka Musou" and share it with AidoruPriPara. Because of how I have a strict "no footage of any anime" rule on my channel, I am not going to post it on YouTube. I am, however, planning to share it on Dropbox with everyone.

The problem is, that song is not a PriPara song! Would you guys be okay with me sharing an AMV of PriPara that doesn't have a PriPara song in it? I don't want you guys to comment on my video saying "that's not a PriPara song!" on my video. I know it isn't a PriPara song, but I think it fits with PriPara somehow.

What do you guys think? Should I make it?

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