Yes, I know, no anime fan likes localized names, but I bet if PriPara will be coming to the USA/Europe, we may get localized names for the characters, unless they do what they did with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and keep the names the same, and say it takes place in Japan. Which might not happen.

Here's some localized names I came up with.

Laala Manaka - Layla Mason

Mirei Minami - Mindy Mills

Hojo Sophie Hojo - Sophie Holland

Shion Todo - Jessica Todd

Dorothy and Leona West will still probably be called Dorothy and Leona West, so I will be leaving them out. However, I think Leona will be changed to a girl in the localization...

Faruru Bokerdole - Hope Bailey

Mikan Shiratama - Maria Sandoval

Aroma Kurosu - Ashley Kellar

Fuwari Midorikaze - Faith Mendoza

Hibiki Shikyoin - Hunter Franklin

Ajimi Kiki - Abby Kennedy

Non Manaka - Nicole Mason

Junon - Julia

Pinon - Paige

Kanon - Kaitlyn

Jururu - Jayla

Jewlie - Julie

I hope you like them!

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