Waka "Asterisk" Hoshino(Lala)
Kanji 若 "アスタリスク" 星野(ララ)
Romaji Waka "Asuterisku" Hoshino(Rara)
Personal Info
actually half-youkai, half-goddess
Hair ColorViolet
Eye ColorViolet
Home PlaceTokyo
The Guard of the Gate
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Rally Go Round!(by LiSA)
Gifuto Gifuto(by LiSA)
Favorite Brand(s)Miracle Future
Twinkle Ribbon
Holic Trick
Baby Monster
Idol TypeCool
Voice ActressLiSA

Waka "Asterisk" Hoshino (若 "アスタリスク" 星野 Waka "Asuterisku" Hoshino), also known as Lala (not to be mistaken for Laala Manaka) (ララ Rara) is one of Waka's main characters and is a character that represents her in PriPara. Her debut song is Rally Go Round (formerly sang by LiSA).


Waka is known for her energic personality. But sometimes (which happens almost all the time) she acts like a baka. Because of this, at first, she was feeling unfitting being an idol. But then she became more mature and calm.


Waka has short violet hair and lively violet eyes.
She always wears her red star earings. She says that it's a symbol of the Asterisk Household so she should always wear it.





Miki-chi - Her manager in PriPara.

Rikka Kagamiboshi - One of her teammates in StalkPara.

Ichigo Moon - One of her teammates in StalkPara.

Aimi Kazuki - One of her teammates in StalkPara.


  • Waka is the oldest Negai Character.
  • She's original owner of legendary Asterisk Household.
  • She's the mother of Mirai, Mikami and Milisa (and actually Miho).
  • She's the only Youkai of Asterisk Household.
  • Her original name is Lala Milenium Asterisk.
  • She's the official creator of Negai World (aka NegaSeka).
  • She appears to be weirdest member of Asterisk Household.

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