Yozora Shizumori
Yozora rendered
Kanji 静森夜空
Romaji Shizumori Yozora
Personal Info
BirthdayOctober 11
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorCrimson
FamilyKyousuke Shizumori (older brother)
Home PlaceParajuku
First AppearanceEpisode 34
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Light Pink Day Tripper
Favorite Brand(s)Forest Beauty
Idol TypeElegant
Voice ActressYui Horie
SingerEri from STAR☆ANIS

Yozora Shizumori is one of the characters of the series. She is an Elegant-type idol. Her brand is Forest Beauty. This character is RPed with MidnightManacchi.


Yozora has long black hair and crimson eyes. She has a single long eyelash on each of her eyes. Her hair is tied into a braid which rests against her back. Her bangs are straight cut with a small section held up by a purple and yellow flower-like hair accessory. The accessory has a ruby attached to it on the end of a silver ball chain. Her skin is very pale. She generally wears more traditional clothing such as kimono and yukata.

Inside of PriPara, her hair becomes longer, now reaching her knees, and her braid becomes thicker.


Yozora is very reserved and shy. Like Sophie, she was born with a weak body and has frequent seizures or coughing fits. She spends most of her time indoors due to this and is not very good with people. She has been homeschooled since she was a young child. She is also very kind and gentle. She has an interest in gardening and flowers.


The first seed

Yozora is a descendant of ancient Japanese nobility, born into a large traditional estate and a wealthy family. Growing up in a traditional household, she was taught the traditional arts and how to use ancient weapons. Being born with a weak body, she was prone to seizures and was kept at home and homeschooled. She took an interest in botany and began taking care of her garden. However, she began to long to go outside her estate. She began watching TV and eventually found PriPara TV. After watching a few performances, she began to long for the freedom idols had and wanted to become one herself.

The bud sprouts

After a few months, Yozora recieved her PriTicket. Wanting to go to PriPara for herself, she secretly sneaks out to go to Prism Stone. After getting there, she registers her PriTicket and enters PriPara for the first time. She is astounded to see what it is like and begins to explore. She attends several performances and begins to realise how wonderful the world is. She leaves at the end of the day, but collapses outside of Prism Stone after leaving, but someone else is there.

Full bloom

Yozora's older brother, Kyousuke, is returning from school and and sees Yozora outside Prism Stone. Rushing over, Yozora explains to her brother about her PriTicket and how she secretly went without informing anyone. Kyousuke gets annoyed but helps his sister home. They are both greeted with their parents, both infuriated at why Yozora has left. They accuse Kyousuke of taking his sister out when he knew that she was so stay inside. Yozora tries to explain, but Kyousuke accepts the blame. After they leave, Yozora asks Kyousuke why he accepted the blame instead. He replies by saying "It would have taken away your freedom again. You've been confined to this house for 14 years. You've finally found out how to open your petals, so don't wilt when you've just blossomed." Yozora reflects on this and decides to follow her brother's advice.

Sunlight fades

Kyousuke decides to help Yozora keep PriPara a secret while Yozora continues to go a few times a month. She practices her singing and dances in secret and continues her homeschooling and traditional studies. As the months go by she improves, and eventually decides to debut. She sneaks out again and registers her live with Meganee. She goes onstage and awaits the music, but something wrong happens as the instrumentals begin.


Yozora collapses on stage as her live begins. The Meganee's rush her offstage and decides to take her out of PriPara. Kyousuke rushes to Prism Stone and finds Yozora lying on the ground. Their parents also arrive after being informed and become distressed to see Yozora struggling for breath. She is rushed to hospital and stays there for a few days. After being discharged her parents decide to keep her in her room so she could not collapse violently again. Kyousuke is again blamed for the incidence. However, Yozora speaks back, saying that he never had anything to do with it and that she wanted freedom. Her parents are shocked too hear this, but think about her words. After weeks they decide to change their approach and allows her to leave the home freely when she wants after 14 years.

A new bud, a new spring

After recovering, Yozora again goes to PriPara to perform. Her parents try to argue against it but she refuses and goes anyway. She again registers her live with Meganee and goes onstage again. She performs her debut song, Yamato Nadeshiko and the performance is broadcasted on PriPara TV. Her family sees this and realise what Yozora had wanted. Yozora is out of breath by the end but she finally feels as if she had choice in her life. Her parents acknowledge her decision and decide to let her continue to be an idol.

Significant Coords

Casual: Dappled Sunlight Night Sky Coord

Cyalume: Forest Beauty Cyalume Coord


Kyousuke Shizumori - Her elder brother. Yozora greatly respects and looks up to him. She admires him for accepting the blame when she collapsed after first going to PriPara.

More will be added.


Shizumori: Shizumori can be split into two parts. Shizu (静) meaning silent and mori (森) meaning forest.

Yozora: Yozora literally means night sky, with yo (夜 yoru) meaning night and zora (空 sora) meaning sky. When combined with her surname Yozora's name means night sky in a silent forest.


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